Turkey has become the most popular destination for foreigner‚Äôs coming for vitro fertilization treatment (IVF). Its high success rate, high-quality care, highly experience reproductive professional team, an affordable budget range for couples, no waiting time and low costs, ‚ÄúThe price advantage and touristic opportunities make the country a desirable destination for foreigners‚ÄĚ.

Turkey’s achievements in IVF are well-known in European countries, the U.S. Russia Istanbul and the Middle East. Turkish scientists are revealing their abilities all around the world. Patient flow to Turkey has been gradually increasing in 2018 foreigner’s visiting hospital for treatment 15% of patients are pursuing IVF treatment this number expecting to hit over 100% to 200% in the coming years, according to Erol Tavmergen is a board of the Mediterranean society for reproductive medicine.

Patients coming to Turkey are mostly from the U.S northern and central Europe, North Africa and Turkic countries, according to the professor, the data provided by Turkey’s Health Ministry some 34,840 foreigners travelled to the country for Gynaecology-related and reproductive treatments in 2018, Anadolu Agency said.
Cost of IVF Treatment for Countries 2018

Average Cost of IVF Treatment From USA-GERMANY- UK -TURKEY
OWN EGGS USA $12000 GERMANY ‚ā¨5500 UK ‚ā¨7000 TURKEY ‚ā¨2000

Couples from UK or the US undergoing IVF in Turkey may pay around 30-40% less than in their home country.
Averagely a single IVF cycle will cost around 2500 Euro. Program with ICSI will be available from 2000 Euro (The prices also depend on the type of medicines used in treatments)

Safety and Quality for IVF Treatment in Turkey?

IVF Clinics in Turkey are inspected every six months by the Ministry of Health will licence them if deemed fit to practise. Inspections take the form of a check list. The check list starts from staff level, education, certificate, the equipment’s, physical environment, record and many others….

Turkish Law for IVF Treatment

1)Married Couples with their own eggs and sperm. In addition, PGS AND PGD treatment is allowed. Egg freezing is allowed for the following conditions: a) cancer patients diminished ovarian reserve or a family history of premature ovarian failure. b) serious operations
2)Surrogacy is not allowed
3)Single women or lesbian couples are not allowed by the law to be treated.
4) PGD and PGS are allowed but sex selection for non-medical reasons is not allowed
5)Embryos can be stored for 5 years but couples should annually inform the clinic after 5-year couples need to get special permission from the health minister.
6) There are laws about how many embryos are allowed to be transferred age-related
women less than 35 years old are allowed one embryo transferred for the first and second cycle. Two embryos are allowed with the 3rd cycle.
Maximum Two embryos allowed for women older than 35 years old. for the latest legislation need to checked out.


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