Voice Therapy

Change Your Voice

Voice therapy treatment has been successful in helping not only singers and professional speakers since 1998 it is also for those who are suffering from throat health issues. These can include Nodules, Polyp, Granulomas or cancers.


Voice therapy surgery aims to change the voice to meet your expectations, be that darkening, lowering, feminising, changing of timbre and range, thickening or softening of the voice. A full check up precedes any recommended


  • ENT, Head-Neck Surgery Voice Evaluation Examination
  • Videolaryngostroboscopy (High Speed Vocal Fold Imaging)
  • Acoustic Voice Analysis
  • Audiometric Examination (Audiometric Test, Pure Voice
  • Audiometry, Tympanometry)
  • Otoscopic Examination
  • Voice-Breath Therapy /Breath and Technique Evaluation and
  • Feedback

There are a wide range of procedures available today that we can assist with providing tailored information and estimates on.


Voice therapy surgery procedures are carried out in some of the best hospitals and by top surgeons with international qualifications. All of which are JCI accredited and rated A+ by the Turkish Ministry of Health.