Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy

  • Your Privacy: We prioritize the privacy of those who visit our site and use our services.
  • Our Role: We decide how your personal info is handled and protected.
  • Cookie Usage: We use cookies for a better website experience and will only use additional cookies with your permission.
  • Who We Are: “We” refers to [MediSpa Guide ltd ].

2. Information We Collect

2.1 Data Types and Sources: We’ll outline what personal information we collect and, if it’s not from you directly, we’ll tell you where it’s from.


2.2 Contact Information: We gather details to connect with you, such as your name, email, phone number, and address.


2.3 Transaction Details: When you buy something from us or through our site, we process the information of that transaction, which includes your contact information, payment method, and purchase details. This information comes from you or our payment processor.


2.4 Communications: We record information from messages you send to us and vice versa. This includes the content and, for messages sent via our site, the associated data like timestamps.


2.5 Website Use: We track how you use our site and services, including things like your IP address, location, browser type, visit duration, and navigation. We collect this through our analytics tools.

3. Data Processing Purposes and Legal Grounds

3.1 Overview: We outline our reasons for using your personal data and the legal grounds for doing so.


3.2 Website and Business Operations: We use your data to manage our website, complete orders, deliver services and products, create billing documents, and for financial management. Our legal grounds? It’s part of effectively running our business and fulfilling our contractual commitments to you.


3.3 Relationships and Communication: We handle your contact and transaction information to manage our customer relations, communicate (not for direct marketing), offer support, and resolve complaints. Legally, this is part of maintaining our service and business operations.


3.4 Direct Marketing: We might use your contact details for targeted marketing communications. We do this to promote our services, which is a legitimate business interest.


3.5 Research and Analysis: We analyze how our services are used to improve and secure our business. Our right to do this? It’s in our legitimate interest to monitor and enhance our services.


3.6 Record-Keeping: We maintain databases and records to ensure efficient business management, backed by our legitimate interest in running our operations smoothly.


3.7 Security Measures: Your data is used for security purposes, like preventing fraud, based on our legitimate interest in protecting our business and customers.


3.8 Insurance and Risk Management: We process data when needed for insurance and risk assessment purposes, to protect our business against potential risks.


3.11 Legal Actions: If necessary, we’ll use your data to establish or protect against legal claims to defend our rights, yours, and others’.


3.12 Legal Obligations and Essential Interests: Sometimes, we’ll process personal data to meet legal requirements or protect critical interests of individuals.

4. Sharing of Your Personal Information

4.1 Within our group of companies—which includes our subsidiaries, our ultimate parent company, and all its subsidiaries—we may share your personal information when it’s needed for the purposes outlined in this policy, and in line with the legal grounds established herein.


4.2 For activities such as securing insurance coverage, risk management, and securing professional counsel, it may be necessary to share your personal information with our insurance carriers and consultants.


4.3 The personal information we store in our website’s database is maintained on the servers operated by our web hosting service providers.


4.4 Our payment service providers (PSPs), whose identities will be disclosed, handle all financial transactions related to our website and services. We provide these PSPs with the transaction details strictly to the extent required for processing your payments, issuing refunds, and addressing any related disputes or inquiries.


4.5 Beyond the particular instances mentioned in this Section 4, we might need to disclose your personal information if it’s required to meet a legal obligation we’re under, to protect your essential interests or those of another person, or to support the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims, whether in legal proceedings, administrative settings, or external processes.

5. Data Retention and Purging Protocol

5.1 Under this Protocol 5, we lay out our strategy for storing personal data and our deletion routine, constructed to align with our legal duties concerning data retention and erasure.


5.2 We shall not hold personal data beyond the time span essential for the function(s) for which it’s processed.


5.3 The following outlines the time frames for retaining your personal data: (a) For contact data, we will retain records for a minimal term of [specified period] from the latest interaction with you, not exceeding a maximum term of [specified period] post that interaction. (b) Regarding customer relationship data, retention spans from a minimal term of [specified period] after the customer relationship ends to a maximum term of [specified period] thereafter. (c) For transaction data, we will preserve the details for a minimal term of [specified period] after the transaction, up to a maximum term of [specified period] post-transaction. (d) Communication data will be kept from a minimum of [specified period] after the date of the communication to a maximum of [specified period] beyond it. (e) We will hold usage data for a duration of [specified period] post its gathering.


5.4 Despite the guidelines in Protocol 5, circumstances may necessitate the extended retention of your personal data, such as to fulfill legal responsibilities, or to guard the crucial interests of yourself or another person.

6. Protecting Your Personal Information

6.1 We commit to safeguarding your personal information with the necessary technical and organizational measures to avoid loss, misuse, or unauthorized alterations.


6.2 Your personal information will be safeguarded on secure servers, personal computing devices, mobile devices, and within protected manual filing systems.


6.3 Your sensitive details such as name, contact data, passwords, and payment card information will be encrypted and securely stored by us.


6.4 We employ encryption technologies to ensure that data related to your queries and financial transactions remains secure during transmission between your browser and our server.


6.5 It’s important to recognize that data transmitted over the internet without encryption (or with insufficient encryption) is not secure by nature, and we cannot warrant the safety of data if it is transmitted in such a manner.


6.6 It’s essential for you to choose a password that cannot be easily deduced by others or by automated software. You hold the responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of your password for our website access. Please note, we will only request your password when you are logging into our website.

7. Acknowledging Your Data Protection Rights

7.1 This Section 7 is dedicated to your entitlements under data protection legislation.


7.2 As enshrined in data protection law, your key rights include:


  • Access: The ability to request copies of your information.
  • Rectification: The right to have inaccurate data corrected and incomplete data completed.
  • Erasure: The option to have your data deleted.
  • Processing Restrictions: You may request that we limit the processing of your information.
  • Objection to Processing: The right to oppose the processing of your data.
  • Data Portability: The opportunity to have your data transferred to another entity or directly to you.
  • Complaint to Authorities: You can lodge a complaint regarding our data handling practices.
  • Consent Withdrawal: Where our processing is based on consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent.

7.3 Keep in mind these rights are not absolute and may encounter certain restrictions. To understand more about data subject rights, you are encouraged to visit [ and].


7.4 Should you wish to act upon any of these rights, please communicate your intention through written notice to us, using the contact details provided herein.

8. Links to External Sites

8.1 Our platform presents links to and information about websites operated by third parties.


8.2 We do not exert authority over, nor do we accept accountability for, the privacy approaches and procedures of third parties.

9. Data Regarding Minors

9.1 Our services and website are designed for a demographic exceeding the age of 18.


9.2 Should it come to our attention that we possess data from a minor below this age threshold within our records, we will proceed to expunge such data.

10. Maintaining Current Information

We rely on you to inform us of any changes needed to ensure your personal details held by us remain accurate and current.

11. Understanding Cookies and Your Choices

What’s a Cookie?

Imagine a cookie as a tiny digital memory aid that resides on your device, courtesy of the websites you visit. It’s job? To help those sites remember you and what you did last time you dropped by.


Cookies and Personalization

Each visit can be more “you” thanks to cookies. They let websites recall your preferences, making every click as familiar as a well-worn path.


Dive deeper into the cookie jar here: Cookie Knowledge

12.Our Cookie Usage

Our website, with a little help from services like Google Analytics, uses cookies to sneak a peek at your browsing habits. But don’t worry, we’re only interested in the overall patterns, not the nitty-gritty of who you are. Google’s use of information by visiting and you can review Google’s privacy policy at The relevant cookies are: [identify cookies].


In Your Hands

Your web browser is the gatekeeper of your cookie settings. You get to decide if you want to let them in, show them the door, or give them a good scrub from your digital domain.

13. Partner Cookie Applications

Our affiliates also have their cookie recipes:


Collaborative Cookies: These are the cookies from our partners that nestle into your computer’s memory when you drop by our site.
Analytics Allies: Specifically, Google Analytics steps in with its cookies to map out the terrain of our website usage. These tiny data crumbs work diligently, compiling details to shape insights into visitor interactions with our site.

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Managing Cookie Preferences

  • Tailoring Cookie Use
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Policy Updates

  • Iterations to the Policy
  • Periodically, we may refine this policy, posting an updated version on our web domain.
  • Periodically review this section to remain informed about any alterations to this policy.

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