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Are you looking for Doctors in London or Turkey? for all your  well- being needs


Spa Packages

Welcome to flexible world of wellbeing in one of the seven wonders of the world. We offer healthy living and cleansing packages for all ages and levels of health fitness. 
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Cosmetic Surgery

Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery is probably one of the most important decisions you’re ever likely to make, therefore, you need to be sure it’s right for you. 
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Cosmetic Dentistry

There are a myriad of cosmetic dental procedures to consider when looking to get your perfect smile.  Medi Spa Guide is here to help you make informed choices. 
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Hair Transplants

Up to 50% of men, and some women, experience some degree of hair loss by the time they reach 50. Hair transplants are one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures worldwide. 
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Ophthalmologists see, diagnose and treat a whole range of problems, including blurred & double vision, squint problems, neurological eye issues and post trauma repair. 
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Voice Therapy

Voice therapy is an increasingly popular surgical procedure for those who require the pitch of their voice altered. The pitch or tone can be deepened or lightened to suit individual need. 
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Bariatrics and Weight Loss

Bariatric Surgery can be an effective route to weight loss. Enabling your body to absorb fewer calories either by; surgically bypassing parts of the stomach or reducing its size. 
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Reproductive Medicine

The advances in reproductive health and cutting-edge medical science available today, mean that the treatment options open to you are wide and varied. 
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Other Medical Treatments

There are many more treatments available to meet specific needs. Click for a comprehensive list and please do get in touch for more detailed information tailored to your needs. 
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What we offer to help you on your journey

Medical Consultations

We will arrange your medical consultations for you and guide you through the maze of medical options to consider.

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Treatment Booking Services

Are you ready for your journey? Great, then let us take the strain and take care of all the arrangements for you.

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Chaperone Services

Travelling alone for your procedure and feeling nervous? Don't worry, we can offer a full personal travel companion service from door to door.

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Flights Services

Looking to extend your stay before or after your hospital appointment? We will find you the best options.

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Hotel Services

Why not extend your hotel reservation before or after a procedure to fully enjoy your stay?

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Sightseeing Services

Enjoy your spare time while away by taking in the sites. Our inside knowledge on the sights is a must!

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"I would like to express my deep gratitude to Medispaguide for organising my dental intervention in one of the most professional and modern clinics of Istanbul. Medispaguide has been an excellent coordinator who facilitated everything from the hotel booking, dental appointments to leisure activities. The ongoing support and assistance received from Medispaguide allowed my wife and I to be in absolute peace of mind. In the end, this trip has been a fantastic experience from a medical and leisure point of view. I would thoroughly recommend Medispa guide to whoever is looking for an exceptional quality of services."

~ Mike